General terms and conditions

Article 1 Definition

1.1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements between Jerome Stoel Training and Coaching (hereinafter referred to as Jerome Stoel) and principal of meetings and/or individual guidance.

1.2. Principal means any person or organisation with whom Jerome Stoel enters into an agreement to organise meetings, and/or individual supervision, regardless of whether the principal participates in the meeting or individual supervision.

1.3. A participant is understood to mean the person who actually participates in the meeting and/or individual coaching.

1.4. Meetings are understood to mean all meetings in which a group meets. This includes training courses, group coaching, retreats, lectures, etc.

1.4. Individual counselling means personal sessions. This also includes therapy, neurofeedback, supervision, etc.

Article 2 Establishment of an agreement

2.1. The agreement is made because the client logs in via jeromestoel. nl (or subsidiary websites, orally or by email orders or signs a confirmation of order from Jerome Stoel.

2.1a. Upon registration, it is the responsibility of the principal to inform Jerome Stoel sufficiently about the mental and physical health, as well as the use and background of medication, etc. In addition, the client himself/herself assumes responsibility for the fact that he/she is in a suitable condition to participate in a meeting/coaching.

2.1b. The use of drugs and alcohol before and during meetings is not permitted.

2.2. The client has agreed to the general terms and conditions at the time of concluding the agreement.

2.3. Deviations from these terms and conditions are only binding if they have been confirmed in writing by Jerome Stoel.

Article 3 Cancellation of training and/or coaching

3.1. The client has the right to cancel participation in, or order for, a meeting and/or individual supervision by email or in writing.

3.2. For cancellation up to eight weeks before the start of a meeting, an administration fee of 10 euros will be charged. In the event of cancellation up to four weeks before the start, 10% of the meeting will be charged. No refund is possible within one month before the start of the procedure.

3.3.3. In the event of cancellation less than 30 days before the first meeting, or if the participant terminates the participation after the first meeting or for other reasons does not participate in the meeting, the principal shall pay the full participation costs, including any outstanding instalments of a staggered payment.

3.3a. The participant may be replaced, provided that the substitute participant meets the admission requirements for the training programme in question.

3.3b. The participant gives his/her commitment to participate in all meetings, but gives notice of his or her timely consent in case of illness or other special circumstances.

3.4. The client can cancel the individual supervision up to 48 hours in advance free of charge.

3.5. In the event of cancellation less than 48 hours for individual coaching, or if the Participant does not participate for other reasons, the Principal shall pay the full costs, including any outstanding instalments of a staggered payment.

3.5a. The participant may be replaced, provided that the substitute participant meets the admission requirements for the individual accompaniment in question.

3.6. The dates and locations can be moved in exceptional cases (e. g. due to illness of the escort). Jerome Stoel will inform the participant as soon as possible. If there are insufficient participants, the meeting can start later or even be cancelled. In the event of cancellation, the client will receive the paid entry fee back.

3.7 Jerome Stoel has the right to refuse a participant for the meeting or individual accompaniment. Jerome Stoel also has the right to deny a participant access to a meeting. The participant may be asked to leave the meeting for one of the following reasons: – The participant may be asked to leave the meeting for one of the following reasons

  • serious failure to comply with the mandates; – serious failure to comply with the contract
  • frequent absence (whether or not prevented)
  • serious disruption of the group process;.
  • misconduct (theft, verbal abuse, incorrect information provided)
  • failure to comply with other (e. g. financial) obligations in connection with the meetings/individual guidance.

3.8 In the event of repayment of the amount paid by the principal to Jerome Stoel, a term of payment of 30 days shall be maintained.

Article 4 Payment

4.1. Jerome Stoel charges the participation fee by means of an invoice. The client must pay the participation fee no later than 30 days before the first meeting and/or individual supervision. If that date has already expired, it is no later than 14 days after registration but at least before the first meeting and/or individual supervision has taken place. In the case of an invoice by Jerome Stoel, a payment term of 14 days applies, unless stated otherwise.

4.1. a. a. Payment in instalments is possible but only after consultation. In this case, if the payment obligation is not met in this case, the entire amount may be claimed in one single instalment.

4.2. In the event of late payment, the principal shall be obliged to compensate Jerome Stoel for judicial and extrajudicial collection costs reasonably incurred.

4.3. If the client has not made timely payment, the participant must arrange for payment.

Article 5 Liability

5.1. Jerome Stoel makes every effort to carry out the given meetings and/or individual coaching to the best of his knowledge and ability.

5.2. Jerome Stoel is only liable to the principal and participant for damage that is the direct result of demonstrable intentional intent or demonstrable conscious recklessness, but only up to an amount of the height of the meetings and/or individual counselling per harmful event, whereby a subsequent series of facts is considered as one fact.

5.3. Jerome Stoel is not liable for indirect damage such as consequential damage, loss of profit and damage due to business interruption.

5.4. Jerome Stoel is not liable in the event that the principal, participant, or a third party have the opportunity to take action against an insurance company.

5.5.5. Dutch law is applicable to the agreement of the assignment and the relationship with the participant. Disputes arising from the power ratio shall be submitted exclusively to the Dutch court for judgment.

5.6. The participant is always responsible for the choice and manner of participating in exercises during the meetings and individual coaching, and possible consequences for his/her health. Consequently, the participant/client cannot hold the supervisor and Jerome Stoel liable for any damage resulting from this. Jerome Stoel cannot take any responsibility for the management of personal property during the meetings/individual supervision.

5.7. The participant is responsible for any damage caused by him/her to the property of others, to the group room or facilities rented or used for the meeting/individual accompaniment.

Article 6 Confidentiality and privacy

6.1. Information provided by participants shall be treated confidentially by Jerome Stoel, its personnel and/or persons working for Jerome Stoel.

6.2. Jerome Stoel conforms to the applicable privacy laws.

6.3. Jerome Stoel is the copyright and proprietary right of the material provided, unless stated otherwise.