Practice for Body-oriented Trauma Therapy

Guidance in healing childhood trauma, (structural) dissociation, and attachment problems for adults

Individual Trauma Therapy

With Individual Trauma Therapy you regain control of your own life. From the very latest insights into how to process childhood trauma, we create more resilience in the areas that are difficult for you. Read more

Trauma Sensitive Retreat (group)

Three days of silence for trauma survivors. To give people with a traumatic past a chance to experience the healing power of vipassana / mindfulness meditation, I am organizing the three-day Trauma Sensitive Retreat. Read more

Trauma Intensive (individual)

Thanks to three days of intensive personal guidance, you will come to a greater understanding of yourself during this intensive. In this way it becomes possible to heal deeper underlying traumas. During the trauma intensive I use different aspects combined: somatic experiencing, mindfulness, psychological interventions, nutrition and bodywork. Read more