Personal Trauma Intensive

Three days of exclusive personal attention

During an intensive program of three days, you’ll get exclusive personal attention in solving and treating the consequences of psychological trauma.

This intensive suits the following trauma-related problems:

  • Fear of failure, panic or difficulty with deadlines
  • Difficulty setting or maintaining boundaries
  • Social anxiety, shyness or blackouts
  • Problems with intimacy or other relationship-related questions
  • Gloomy or depressed feelings with no apparent cause
  • Problems stemming from the effects of sexual abuse
  • (Recovery from) emotional, psychological or narcissistic abuse
  • (Recovery from) emotional neglect or abuse in childhood
  • PTSD, CPTSS, and dissociative disorders
  • Structural dissociation

What will we do?

The power of working intensively and on an individual basis is that it will create a focused reflections inward, without disturbances, in a safe environment and setting.

The focus is on allowing your true nature to unfold, so that you automatically come in touch with your life-force.

Key words are; acceptance, compassionate care, safety, expanding awareness, pragmatic approach.

We work from multiple disciplines:

  • Somatic Experiencing Therapy (SE)
  • Imaginary Rescriptive Therapy (ImRs)
  • Imaginary Exposure Therapy (IE)
  • Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Mapping and integration of personal parts
  • Transactional Analysis (TA)
  • Systemic work (Family constellations)
  • Spiritual and energetic work
  • Mindfulness based therapy and insight meditation from Buddhist psychology


  • An intake/introduction meeting to clearly map out what is needed.
  • A tailor-made personal program of three days with intensive guidance.
  • Therapy aimed at healing deeply unconscious patterns.
  • Bodywork to support the process.
  • Customized nutrition advice.
  • Email or Skype support afterwards.

Target group

  • Anyone dealing with issues of self-image, persistent problem behavior and meaning is welcome.
  • People with persistent emotional trauma, which they cannot get through in weekly sessions.


  • You can move forward because of the safety and space that this intensive form of work provides.
  • We work with the deep causes that lie at the basis of the request for help.
  • The multi-disciplinary approach gives better integrated results.


I’m organizing the intensive trauma therapy in a detached guesthouse on the Veluwe the Netherlands. The costs are indicative and depend on the location. Other locations are also possible.


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