If a human being has the flu, it can be a shock to the immune system. Some shocks may be too big, but most of them make us strong and create a healthy immune system. Now it looks like the world has the flu. The world is coughing, needs a break and is working on its own immune system.

At a time when the climate is calling for urgent attention, we need to stay at home en masse. The air quality gets a breather here and there and gets better. We can think about whether we can work at home more often and spare nature a little.


We sometimes think that way in terms of borders, boundaries of faith, pigeonholes and species, good and evil, but this flu wave doesn’t do that. In nature these boundaries do not exist. Everything is connected to everything. We are one big family. We can all be touched and we need togetherness and solidarity when our resistance is being tested.

We have become such a huge consumer world, but this flu wave asks us to stop for a moment. Leave the shopping bag at home, stay at home, don’t travel from hot to hot. Just HIS instead of doing. To use up the supplies we have and let all the running and flying and consuming calm down for a moment. We live in a 24-hour airline, now it’s a few weeks or months to come to a standstill. We have empty days on the calendar again, we can be at home with ourselves. We feel what it’s like to be together and family again. Experiencing time together.


Many of our relationships take place partly or entirely in a digital dimension. Now that we are not allowed to touch and cuddle each other, we can rediscover how valuable physical contact really is. Proximity and touch are of vital importance. Sometimes you only discover the miracle of something when you have lost it for a moment.

Darwin said: not the strongest or the most intelligent survive, but those who can adapt best to change. This is a moment to train our co-changing muscles again. We can also discover that our actions affect the people around us. We are dependent on each other. The virus asks for care for each other and denies ourselves something to take care of the weaker ones. Survival of the kindest!

So let’s not look for the guilty, let’s not conspire, let’s take on the challenges that lie ahead, with as much humanity and caring as possible.

©️ Psychologist F. Morelli, Italy

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