Intimate relationships where cPTSD is involved aren’t that easy to built.

To find the balance between autonomy and deep connection is a quest.

Before you know there’s an entanglement starting at the moment you start to surrender.

Especially in relationships with partners that have an unsafe attachment style and childhood trauma. The anxious types want to merge, the avoidant types want theirs individualism, and the disorganized types are stuck in the paradoxal force between these two.The more you get into the field of intimate connection, the more you will be confronted with unconscious patterns of the childhood attachment.
The art of to relate to each other, is to center yourself again and again. And stay out of the drama of judging, victimization, pleasing and seduction.
In relationships driven by higher forms of Love and awareness, insecure attachment styles can be healed. Nevertheless it takes a lot of effort, awareness and compassion of both partners.

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