When standing on your own feels overwhelming, 
When not knowing activates traumatic distress,
When feelings and thoughts are dominated by insecurity,
The wounded inner child shows up asking to be healed,
But the child can grasp everything to stay in control,
It can get wild, it can be numb, it can be withdrawn in fear,
It can be chaotic, losing total control
Hopelessly and worthlessly it can reach out but only finds darkness.
If the inner child has never had the love it needed, it feels lost when being alone.
And in trying to avoid the pain, it rejects itself,
Or projects its own pain on others,
Or manipulates, flatters, even seduces others,
Or self-medicates itself in countless ways,
For the sake of maintaining control.


This is the moment that Love may enter,
This is the moment that self-care may arise,
This is the moment to be kind to the inner dragons, the monsters it created to protect itself against the insecure conditions it was dealing with.

This is the time to see these inner dark energies were formed in an attempt to deal with the outer chaos it was confronted with.

And with loving kindness towards this darkness, the darkness starts to lighten up.

Then the wounded inner child can be seen in its vulnerability.
It can be acknowledged in its needs.

And it can be nurtured with loving care. 
Slowly, slowly it can learn to trust itself and fellow travelers to join its healing journey with.

And finally, it finds Love and the light of intuitive wisdom starts to shine again.

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