I’ve always been fascinated by this piece of moorland. Five kilometers from my new house and 10 kilometers from my old house.

Until now I was always ‘passing through’ here by bike or while running. 
But now I have taken some time to let the peace and stillness of this place descend on me.

In this period of my life I live alone, eat alone, sleep alone, walk alone. I don’t let the unpredictability of others distract me. I withdraw and socialize rarely in all the digital groups I’m in. And sometimes I meet people, but only those who are valuable to me.

And in this I learn a lot about myself. I develop, I grow, I find out what really inspires me. What my real inner values are, and not what is given by others. I learn to follow what suits me, and no longer follow to ‘belong’ to a group of people to get recognition. I learn what my boundaries are and how I can stay loyal to them. I learn to be loyal to my own integrity and to listen to my intuition.

I have created a lot of peace in my life. I’ve stopped giving groups, have a fixed day off during the week and have ‘delegated’ energy-guzzling work to my Virtual Assistant. In the near future there will be groups again, but just the way I want it.

Slowly new beliefs are forming and new dreams are beginning to emerge.
And by listening to this, my mind slowly comes to rest and my body recovers. 

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